We are using the latest techniques and equipment for each area of the house/condo in order to highlight all of the selling features.
We are strictly FLASH Photographers. What does it mean? All our images are crystal clear, very well lit and makes all the rooms bright.
We dedicate our effort and time to always have a quick tour of the house/condo before we start taking pictures to make sure we never miss anything. The photos we deliver will be in HD resolution ready to be printed as well as MLS ready resolution.
By default, we will send you the edited images in 2600px by 1716px 300DPI.
If you need the Full size we can also provide that to you, at no extra charge.
All the pictures we send you will be edited, all the walls will be vertical, just as in real life.



 Available light photography – We are not using this method.


HDR photography – We are using this method for exterior images only.



Flash photography – This method is our signature style of Real Estate Photography.


Visit our Gallery to see more pictures and virtual tours.


Turnaround time – We will be done with the picture editing and with your Virtual tour in less than 24 hours.
You will receive an email with the Virtual tour link and with the images.


Downloadable images

As soon as we finish editing the pictures,we will upload them to our server and send you a link,
where you can download them one by one or in a zip file.

This how every house/condo photographs will be stored on our website:

You will be able to download all the files at once or one by one.


Virtual Tours – 360 degree Virtual tours are pretty popular in the Calgary Real Estate Photography market which is a great way of giving potential buyers a full tour of the main areas of the house without them stepping foot into the home. It’s like a 24hr Open House 7 days a week.  They can use their: Desktop computers, Laptops, Apple, Android or any other phones, tablets to view our Virtual tours.

Each Virtual tour is accompanied by  a virtual tour web page hosted on our site until you sell the property. (FREE of charge)


Support – We are always available to help you with your questions and/or technical difficulties. You can reach us from 7 am till 10 pm every day or you can email us 24/7.


Pricing – We would like to stay competitive with our pricing, please contact us.
As a guideline we would charge $220 for still images and virtual tour. If you only need the still images those would be $180.